Well, if you've been reading the rest of the kitten diary, you'll know that I didn't quite make it to week 24 - work and just the time needed to look after the babies meant that I simply couldn't keep updating the kitten diary. Enough is enough! So this page is just for the occasional update: It's time for someone else to do their own diary, and I'm glad to say that many people have picked up the idea and done their own.

2 November 2002
The show was brilliant, people around the kittens' pen like bees around a honeypot (well, any litter of kittens would do that!), and the kittens were completely laid back about it all, though perhaps a little subdued (understandably). I only took six of them sadly, as Podge (Amelie) got a poke in the eye from someone a couple of days ago, so I left Piglet at home to keep her company. Even though there were only six of them, they made quite an impression. One lady looked at them and then said to a friend that only one was the right colour. I was a bit sad as though I know their type is not showy, their coats should be excellent colour as they are a warm brown, and not black on the points. However I was only down in the dumps for five minutes, as one of the judges came around the side of the pens bringing two stewards with her: she pointed at the kittens and said, "that's the colour seals should be". It made my day! Quite apart from that, the club table was very busy, though people kept coming over to ask if they could buy one of the kittens!

Rebecca and Jacqueline with our Club table - I couldn't have done it without their help - you should have seen the fun trying to vet-in six kittens!

Our pens: the kittens on the left - a spare pen in the middle with photos in, and Teddy (my big-headed Tonkinese) on the right,
complete with his Best of Breed Rosettes.

Here are the kittens lying about. They spent most of the day like this (when they weren't eating).

And here's Teddy enjoying a short rest from demanding my attention! The trouble is, when he can see me (which he could most of the day), he shouts for me to come and take him out and cuddle him!

This is pretty much how the pen looked all afternoon, with a constant stream of visitors trying to get a look in!

4 November 2002
Two of the babies went today: Pickle and Piper. Things seem much quieter already, and three more are due to go tomorrow. I wonder how I will feel...
Here's Piper leaving home for the last time.

Today I also have more news of Ellie, who is beginning to come out of herself a bit at last:

I'm pleased to tell you that things have improved much more over the
last week.... she isn't meowing at night time now.. so I think she must
feel more settled... at night time she sometimes sleeps under the bed
but the other morning when I woke up she was asleep on the sofa so she
is coming out of herself a bit more....

She isn't a big lap cat but she does sit on your lap for a little while
so I make the most of it and hope she will more and more as she gets
more used to me... she is so affectionate at times like you said and
likes to have lots of cuddles and kisses on her head... She loves her
brush that I bought her and goes mad when I brush her, she rolls over showing
her tummy and stretches out... she has also taken to licking me and
chewing my fingers in a playful way which is ever so funny... my friend
Nicky was over last night and she was sitting on her lap for a bit
licking her hand, it was really funny to watch... The cat litter stuff
is great and keeps everything odour free in the flat and is easy to
clean out which is good.... I have found a pet shop in Worcester Park
that stock it which is really handy and saves money on the delivery
charge...and its only two minutes down the road if I run out..

5 November 2002
Oh dear! more departures...

11 Nov 2002
I have had lots of calls from the new parents of my babies, and they all seem to be fine, and settling in well. I still have three here, so I haven't found it too much of a wrench yet.

From: Gill
To: Julia
Subject: Hi from Tiger lily (aka Pickle)

Hi Julia

Actually, it's not Lily emailing you, it's me, but she says to send her love
to you and her mum and brothers and sisters. And to Ellis, Pumpkin et al. I
think I've remembered everyone she said...

To my great delight she and my tonk Ming have bonded immediately and love to
play and snuggle up together. They seemed to 'recognise' each other
immediately. My other two cats are glumly philosophical about her (hehe).

We had a slight problem with the litter tray as she was amazed by the feel
of the clay litter and after much deliberation had her first wee on the
towel in the cat basket. But we got over that difficulty after Aunty Ming
demonstrated what to do.

She does NOT want to eat much. Everything is too exciting. She grabs at some
kitten kibble and that's it. I've tried roast chicken from M&S, coley, and
the tins you gave me (she won't touch those). She's drinking a fair amount
of water and likes to drink out of your glass. Fortunately I don't go in for
double vodkas!

She's also keen to investigate your plate.
Any suggestions for anything she would definitely not turn her nose up at?
She has been out in the cat run, but her favourite occupation is snuggling!
She is very very sweet. Thank you so much for letting me have her.


13 November 2002
From: Steven
To: Julia
Subject: Amelie (aka Podge) growing up

Hi Julia,
just incase you thought I had disappeared - things have been a bit fraught
at work and elsewhere so I haven't been able to sit down and catch up
with my mail. Amelie is fine and dandy, growing fast and is really the
prettiest little thing. There are lots of galloping games morning, noon and
night - she and Cecil are always lying like two sausages by the door when we
get home with their tails entwined and paws all mingled. I have taken some
pics but they are all real and I don't have a scanner to use so may send you
some prints instead.
She did pee on the bed three days running for no reason at all but seems to
have stopped that, thankfully - I think she might not have liked the litter
but there was a tray upstairs and down...she got soaked herself so it
couldn't have been nice for her either! Anyway that was the only problem but
her cuteness outweighs anything else.
Have all the others gone now? Hope there were no problems eye wise, Amelie
is fine - she has little eyelashes that I have never seen on another
cat...very special!