This website will tell you about Rameses Tonkinese kittens for sale, the breeds that I work with (Tonkinese, Burmese, Siamese), health issues, and other information about cats, cat breeding and cat care. Although this is not a ‘sales’ site, I hope to find the new owners for my kittens from people who find me through my website, since they have looked further than just the free-ads.

Rameses cats are bred for temperament and their very special friendship: a healthy happy cat is at the top of my list, with no compromise to get 'show' quality. When I have kittens for sale you will find them on the ‘Kittens’ page. I've been very lucky and have found that my Tonkinese and Burmese have also proved themselves on the show bench as excellent examples of their breed, as well as enjoying the activity as well-balanced, confident cats. They are to be found all over the British Isles, and as far afield as Switzerland and Germany. One of the most important aspects of their breeding is that all Rameses cats come from carefully selected outcrosses, so that the parents are as genetically dissimilar as possible. I also take elaborate care to ensure that neither the breeding queens nor their kittens carry any genetic defect, no matter how slight. The result is big healthy litters of large kittens, who grow into strong, long-lived cats with stable relaxed temperaments, good with children and sensitive enough for invalids. All the cats and kittens live in the house and are my family (kittens are born in my bedroom, where they live for at least their first three weeks), and the cats sleep with me.

The environment is very important: the cats have plenty of space in the house, generous runs attached outside to which they have constant access, and the garden has been fenced at enormous expense to keep them in so that they can also run around naturally and climb the huge Willow tree in the middle of the garden. I like to think that my cats are happy inside and out, and I feel their physical health and relaxed temperaments is proof that I've got it just about right!

My kittens are lovingly reared in my home, getting constant contact and love from me and visitors with the intention that they never become nervous or neurotic. I breed very few litters because I do this for love and for fun, and not as a business. Their happiness is always foremost in decisions about their welfare, and they are sold only to carefully-vetted homes where they will receive the best of care and understanding. Rameses Kittens or cats must be returned to me if it is necessary to re-home them for any reason. Owners who are not prepared to have their cats become a very important part of their lives should not consider owning a Burmese, Siamese or Tonkinese, as these breeds are well known for their need for attention and interaction with humans. For many people, this intelligence, loyalty and affection is their main attraction.

Currently the household includes six Tonkinese (a blue tabby stud boy, a brown girl from a new line, two chocolate tabbies, a blue tabby neutered boy and a brown tabby solid pattern girl). I breed all classic colours of Tonkinese (brown, blue, chocolate and lilac) in both solid and tabby patterns. Rameses has become well-known also for the support and breeding of Old-style Siamese, though at present I am not breeding Siamese. I have also in the past bred Burmese, partly to build new lines for my Tonkinese along with my Siamese.

I am a member of the following GCCF affiliated clubs and associations:
Feline Advisory Bureau
Burmese Cat Club
Seal Point Siamese Cat Club (beware of clicking this link: there is an awful music track on the page)
Chocolate Point Siamese Cat Club
Tonkinese Breed Club
Tonkinese Cat Club

Along with a small group of enthusiasts I founded the
Old-style Siamese Club, an organisation that I'm glad to say is now big enough, and well enough established to manage very happily without me! Thanks to this club the survival of the old-style Siamese and of its beautiful bloodlines in the UK is assured.

I don't like to rehome any of my cats, but acknowledge that relationships in a breeding household can be volatile, and I have rehomed if a cat is unhappy or stressed. I never rehome for my own convenience. The long-term stress of living in a tense environment can be more harmful to a cat than the transitory stress of rehoming. If cats are fighting then I believe forcing them to live together either with the fighting, or in some sort of confinement is simply selfishness. I have rehomed cats I have loved dearly because I had to place their well-being above my love for them and enjoyment of their presence. They have always gone to personal friends close by, and have always been far happier in their new home. I currently have one cat who would be happier in a new home. If you are interested in meeting him, please contact me.