Louis is a first-generation (F1) Tonkinese boy, bred from new bloodlines by Siamese and Burmese breeder June Clarey. He was at stud with Suzanne Mooney for a couple of years, siring beautiful big healthy kittens for her girls and others (including some of mine) with lovely outgoing temperaments. He is a gentle and affectionate boy who is shy of strangers, but loves his big 'jungle' run in the garden where he meets lots of wildlife, mostly of the slower-moving variety. He is available at limited stud to FeLV/FIV/PCR tested queens, stud fee £300 (less the cost of PCR tests). Please call or email me if you would like more information about his pedigree or would like to bring your queen to visit him.Type: Louis is a large cat with a good solid Tonkinese body type. He has good eye colour, shape and set in a good strong head with firm chin, correct dip in profile, rounded top to his head, excellent balanced wedge and good ear set. His eye colour is blue-green, with quite a strong blue tone. His chocolate markings are clear and correct with a good warm tone. His long tail is a little sun-bleached, but his body colour is correct dark cream shading to chocolate. He has a long and very muscular body, and elegant chocolate-gloved legs with neat oval paws.