The scarcity of Tonkinese studs from independent lines and the need for new lines has led me to keep a number of stud boys.

For 5-generation pedigrees, availability and terms please contact me directly. I reserve the right to refuse to take a queen if the dam is too closely related, if I consider the queen is too young or small, or if I feel there is any other reason that should preclude a mating. All matings are for kittens on the INACTIVE register unless by prior agreement. Please make sure you have asked me BEFORE bringing your cat to stud if you wish to have kittens on the active register. I will not refuse active registration, but in order to protect both the lines and the cats from exploitation most breeders are very careful about active registration.

The boys are DNA tested negative for PkDEF, HK, Burmese head defect, Burmese GM2 gangliosidosis and Progressive Retinal Atrophy (rdAc); and for confirmation of coat pattern. They also have tested clear for FeLV, FIV, Chlamydia, Herpes and Calici.

PLEASE read the 'Requirements' page before your queen is in full call and needs to come to stud!

Chocolatedot Rameses Ecco 21/04/2016
Blue Tonkinese TCR TOS a 32
Registered GCCF
Sire: Amorcatz Bruno Mars TOS c 32
Dam: Chocolatedot Inferno TOS N 32
F3 (carries chocolate)
Breeder: Mrs Kerry Pilkington

I'm extremely pleased to announce the arrival in September 2018 of 'Ramintha', our beautiful boy all the way from Thailand, thanks to our contact there Nolan Betterley, who spent over a year looking for cats for us, raising them, doing all their tests and vaccinations, and finally wading through the mountain of paperwork to get him onto a plane to Heathrow. We're also very grateful to PetAir, who got Ramintha through all the paperwork, customs and vet checks at this end, and delivered him to my doorstep with a lovely kind driver who carried him through to his new home and waited while Minnie decided about coming out of his travelling crate. What an adventure — and within hours I had a lovely cuddly confident genuine Thai Tonkinese on my lap.

Ramintha of Rameses 1/4/2017
Brown TCR  TOS n 32
Registered GCCF
Treated as F1 as a foundation cat (carries no colours, pure brown)
Parents unregistered.

Born in August 2019, I have a brown tabby (very spotty) BCR boy that I will be keeping at stud for a very short time from Rameses lines, son of Ecco (above). Please enquire if you are interested as I do not intend to keep him active for very long, probably only long enough to mate a few queens, as I don't have room for another boy because…

I am very grateful to Malgorzata Skuza for allowing me to have Toptonk Lexus Rameses (Lilac TCR) who will be available at stud from August 2021.

Toptonk Lexus Rameses 29/1/2021
Lilac TCR  TOS c 32
Registered GCCF
Sire: Tonkyway Bronze Iupiter TOS n 32
Dam: Adsepbu Toptonk Gabby TOS n 33
Breeder: Mrs Malgorzata Skuza