Thinking of breeding

I have a reputation for being outspoken, and this section is the proof of it! Having been involved in Rescue for many years, I have seen first-hand the results of people who 'think it would be fun to breed' or who think they can make money from doing it, or have some other equally illogical reason for putting their lovely little cat at risk and maybe ruining her kittens.

I can't rant and rave at them, much as I might like to, but I can do it here: it's my website!

I haven't got all the answers, and I'm not the divine oracle on breeding matters, but what I'm putting here is the sort of information that I feel prospective breeders should have before embarking on the thorny process of choosing their first queen, or persuading another breeder that they are a suitable person to breed for themselves.

This is not a money-making activity; it is a hobby, and it will cost you money. The rewards are many, but don't expect any of them to be financial!