At present there are three Rameses girls:

Marmite: Jacleah Truffle Oframeses (74) brown first-generation Tonkinese bred by Jacqueline Leah in Wokingham and known as Marmite. A brand new line, unrelated to any of my cats, or to any other Tonkinese. Marmite was spayed in late 2014.

Tango: Rameses Last Tango (74at) blue tabby Burmese colour restriction second-generation Tonkinese; daughter of Marmite and Rameses Chaos (now retired), and grand-daughter of Rameses Reckless. Tango was spayed in 2016.

Peach: Rameses Peach (74ct) lilac tabby Tonkinese colour restriction second generation Tonkinese; daughter of Rameses Last Tango and Sue Smith's Adniosh Touchstone (74c).