Lots to come, but for now:

Rhubarb powder - it will unblock anything, and will save a cat with the early stages of Megacolon.

I get Aloe Vera colon cleanse tablets from the health food shop. They can be crushed and mixed with water to give very tiny doses, or given directly if you're good at pilling and the situation requires immediate results (they're large).

Some cats on raw meat diets become very constipated, so mixing in a poorer quality commercial sachet food can help.

Use soft foods rather than biscuits.

Liquid paraffin is good for helping things move along once you have got unstuck, and most cats LOVE it! You can usually get it from your vet (1ml once or twice a day for adult cats), or online.

PERIDALE is also very good for keeping poo soft, and is not a drug: it is silicon which absorbs water but cannot be absorbed by the digestive system. It remains within the faeces right through the gut and keeps it soft so that if dryness is a problem for your cat this can fix it. It won’t help much if your cat has megacolon, where the bowel muscles are slowing down, but it makes it less uncomfortable.

There are now some new and very effective veterinary drugs to keep the bowel moving - sorry I haven’t got the name here, but if your vet doesn’t know please get in touch and I’ll find out.