I am currently a probationer judge on the Tonkinese scheme. Show reports will be sent to the GCCF as usual, and also made available here.

Tonkinese Breed Club, 27 October 2012

Many thanks to Kathy for inviting me, and to Paul for his patient and sympathetic handling of a lovely collection of cats. Many thanks for asking me – I had a wonderful day and was sorry when it ended! [sorry about the gap below - I can't seem to get rid of it!]

Class 18Brown, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac or Caramel kitten (F)
Gently rounded top to a sloped nose profile without a clear dip or break, though the profile was not straight. Two sets of teeth, so difficult to judge her bite; slightly weak chin, though that (and the lack of nose break) may have been because of her cluttered mouth (I have seen nose-breaks disappear with teething). Excellent balance to head overall, and nice wedge. Ears marginally small and slightly high in set; very nice large expressive eyes, a little pale in colour but very nice blue-green tone, set well apart and correct shape. Very solid legs and body, with excellent body type, really hefty, and overall very good body conformation, with nice neat oval feet. Body colour was a very nice warm lilac of excellent tone and blending correctly, coat short and close-lying. A very calm and confident young lady.
Overall a good kitten, but a little bit too much on the ‘oriental’ side for perfection for the breed. Gently rounded top with a pretty nose-break, correct bite and pinch. Head slightly fine-boned with ears a little large in proportion and with a very wide base. The eyes were a little narrow, but well set and correct in shape otherwise, of a good greenish-blue colour. Body quite leggy and teenager-ish, again slightly fine-boned but within norms for the breed. In keeping with her general body type her toes were slightly pointed, with long fingers: big feet though, suggesting she will be a big cat. Nice tail. Very smooth-coloured short coat, toning correctly, with slight baby barring on the legs. Not an ideal colour for a brown, rather cold and lacking in the red undertone and richness that would give it warmth, so there was more definition between points and body than usual. Wiggly and a little bit anxious at the start of the day, but a nice kitten.
Very purry and wriggling around to get a look at the show. Gently rounded top of head with slight nose-break. Two complete sets of teeth, poor baby, so a bit difficult to judge her bite, though she didn’t seem bothered by having such a full mouth! Good balance overall in the head, with a definite pinch. Ears set slightly high, but nice size and shape. Eyes a little round, and rather yellow in tone, but that may improve as she matures. Fine-boned slender and muscular body with dainty elongated feet (not quite oval). Very smooth-toned short coat, beautifully silky, but a definite white spot on the tummy which I had to fault. The hair wasn’t quite white, more pale cream, and I wondered if this could possibly be one of those rare torties where there is almost no tortie pattern? A lovely confident kitten otherwise.
Class 20Red, Cream, Apricot, Tortie, Tabby or Tortie-tabby kitten (F)
Sadly I felt I had to withhold BoB for this kitten as her head was heart-shaped which was not correct for the breed, though extremely appealing!
Well-rounded head with slight nose-break; chin receding but straight bite (her chin looked better in the pen when she was more relaxed); definite pinch. There wasn’t a clear wedge shape to the head, which was curved and rounded, rising to rather small, upright ears, creating a heart-shaped head. Eyes a little on the round side and set moderately well. Excellent eye colour, slightly more blue than green. Very good size for her age, with good solid feet and legs and a nice tail. Coat pattern very good for a chocolate, and very clear-coated with no barring. Slightly long over the back, but nice and soft. A very happy and relaxed kitten, purring fit to bust.
[wrong colour] Davies’s EHWAZ FREYJA (74fn)
I wrong-coloured this kitten because her coat had a completely smooth solid tone from head to tail with no variation at all from the top of her head to the base of her tail. A kitten especially should show more variation, and despite her paler tummy I felt she must be a solid pattern, supported by her deep yellow eye colour, though I would not take eye-colour alone as an indication.
Nicely rounded head with a slight nose break. Good bite, muzzle a little pointed and wedge a little long for the width. Nicely set pricked ears of good size, set a little high (which contributed to the appearance of a long face). Almond-shaped eyes perhaps a little too slanted and oriental in shape, deep yellow in colour. Very nice body overall, though head a bit fine; good solid legs to neat oval feed. Tail a bit short and tapering to a point. Very good coat quality, lying very close and lovely and silky, a bit long in places, slightly barred, but within norms for the colour – slight metallic tone starting to come through. A little greasy on the chest and tummy (perhaps someone had stroked her with hand cream on!). A nice confident kitten
Class 37Adolescent Adult
1 Bernard’s TALLICA BLUE LAGOON (74g)
I thought this cat was a really outstanding Tonkinese, ticking absolutely all the boxes for me. She was a bit anxious at first, worrying about the balloons in the next aisle, but even so showed herself well. Lovely rounded head, slight nose break with an odd bump just above the bridge that might have been due to her rubbing her nose against the bars or her carrier. Very good chin, bite and muzzle shape, neither pointed nor square, clear pinch and beautiful balance between length and width, with good solidity to the skull. Excellent shape and set to the ears, perfectly balanced with the head, Large, expressive blue-green eyes (slightly more blue than green), beautifully shaped. Excellent heavy body, full-grown and really nice size for her age, particularly for a girl. Legs, feet and tail all perfect. Coat colour and pattern very good for a blue, with good differentiation of tone between body and points, merging gently between the two. Silky and very close-lying coat, marginally long over the lower back. A lovely gentle cat, kneading happily.
2 Macey’s FECHELDEE WILONA (74e)
Gently rounded head to a curved nose-dip rather than a break, with good chin and bite. Head marginally long for width, which made the ear set look a mite high. Eyes a pale yellowy green, but good shape and size. A bit of a sporran underneath her very long body – which made her good-length tail look a little short! Very good size, really heavy. Good pattern for a brown, with clear difference in tone between body and points, nicely merging into each other, and a very nice warm, rich colour overall. Coat nice and short, soft and silky. Confident and friendly and a credit to her upbringing.
Class 25AC Adult
Very pretty girl, with excellent head and perfect bite and muzzle. Her head had ideal proportions and was correct in all aspects; ears of good size and shape set well as far as I could tell, but they were waggling around like crazy radar dishes while I was trying to look at her! Greenish blue eyes of correct shape; they looked a bit big, but she was on full alert, so probably a bit wider than usual. Excellent body shape and balance, firm, muscular, with a nicely rounded chest and good weight for size, on good solid legs and neat feet, with a good tail length. Colour slightly cold and washed-out, particularly on the ears, and very pale feet, but a good tone where the colour was deepest; nice short, close-lying coat otherwise. Confident overall, just extremely alert to everything going on around her.
Gently rounded head with slight nose break. Rather snaggly teeth, but bite straight. Good balance on moderately proportioned wedge. Ears of good size, set slightly high, with broad base. Well-shaped eyes, positioned nicely and a pretty bluish green. A little portly rather than ‘firm and muscular’, so flanks not really level, in keeping with her age. Slender muscular legs, tapering tail of correct length and dainty little feet. Back legs a little barred and coat a bit long over the back, but nice merging of toning in the base colour. A bit grumpy about it all by the time I saw her, but a confident cat.
Class 56Novice Kitten
(see above)
Class 59Kitten under 6 months
(see above)
Class 62Visitor’s kitten
(see above)
Class 83Best Eye Colour Neuter
Large expressive eyes more almond than round and set well apart, very nice intense blue-green.
2 Korterman’s PR ADFURSH WHITE TIGER (74t)
Excellent blue-green eyes, slightly pale for perfection.
Large eyes of very good tone, a bit pale, but not unusual in a pale-coloured cat.
Class 88Born 1 November-31 December Neuter
(see above)
Class 90Kitten, including Neuter Kittens
(see above)
Class 95Lilac or Caramel Adult
1 Hunter’s TALLICA MOONSTONE (74c)
Gently rounded head curving to a dip rather than a break, not quite enough for perfection. Weak chin but perfect teeth and bite. Definite pinch. Wedge good, but brow slightly long for overall balance and eye position. Ears held a little high, but good size and shape. Eyes a little round and slightly straight set, blueish-green in colour but creating a nice overall look. Body good, medium to long and well balanced and solid, very good size for age, with slender legs to oval feet. Very pretty clear-coated pinky lilac colour, merging well, rather long but close-lying and silky. A very friendly and purry cat.
Class 99Brown Kitten
(see above)
Class 103Red, Cream or Apricot Kitten
1 Davies’s EHWAZ FREYJA (74fn)
(see above)
Class 111Tortie or tortie-tabby (all colours) Neuter
Rounded head, pronounced dip in profile with slight roll-off, no lower teeth, but bite just OK. Definite pinch and good wedge. Ears of good size and set, with the outer line very clearly continuing the line of the wedge, good width between. Very good large, expressive eyes, more almond than round and set well apart. Yellow-green in tone. Portly body contributing to a heavy cat. Tail slightly short. Very red in tone with barred legs, close-lying, short, soft and silky. A very relaxed cat, though slightly anxious about coming out late in the day.

Tonkinese Breed Club, 29 October 2011

Well done to Kathy for a lovely day that ran extremely smoothly and seemed to have been thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. Many thanks for inviting me, as I had a great day. Thank you also to my steward Paul, for his hard work and steady patience and good humour.

Class 19Red, Cream, Apricot or Tabby Kitten Male
1 BOB Hunter & Hunter’s TALLICA MICKEY BLUE EYES (22/06/2011) M 74fn
A gorgeous purry boy with a very pretty colour and outstanding type. His ears were an excellent set and size, nicely balanced on a full and elegant head with gentle curves everywhere rather than angles; eyes green with a touch of yellow, very nice shape, slightly full when out of his pen but this was his first class at his first show and there was so much to take in – when relaxed they were a better almond shape; correct pinch and slight dip in profile, with a very slight roll off to his nose – his only real flaw. Good firm bite; beautiful proportioned moderate head; Perfectly proportioned body and tail with elegant legs and oval paws; nice and solid for his age; good pattern expression with a lovely short coat, quite dark on the body for his age, but no barring apart from a couple of little flashes on his knees. Happy feet: a star in the making
2 Richards & Richards’s TONKAHOLICS APRICOT MOOSE (15/07/2011) M 74d
Down as an apricot, but clearly red, and his breed number had been changed on his pen label. A nice red with a long, narrow head: it will be interesting to see if he gains breadth as he matures. He was quite worried about the show, but was not difficult to handle. He had a good bite and nice dip in profile with no roll-off; good depth of chin and bite, slightly flat top. Eyes greenish-yellow with good set and shape; ear set good but slightly large leaving room for him to grow into them, and high set, which also might improve with maturity. Very good size for his age, looking a bit kittenish, but his pattern is showing well on a nice tight coat, just marginally long on his back. Very slight barring on his legs, but otherwise very nicely clear-coated, with thumbprints on his ears at the moment. It will be interesting to see how he matures – he definitely needs to broaden a bit. Immaculately presented.
Class 20
Red, Cream, Apricot, Tortie, Tabby or Tortie-Tabby Kitten Female
1 Spencer-Fleet’s TONKAHOLICS SPECKLE-SPLASH (15/07/2011) F 74e
Reasonably relaxed in pen but not so happy out: quite a feisty girl who knows what she wants (and doesn’t); lovely rounded top to her head, good dip in profile and strong jaw with good bite and pinch, but a very pronounced roll-off to the nose which was what decided the BOB in the end. Perfect green-blue eyes of ideal shape, set and colour; excellent ear set and shape; lovely body; lighter in weight than expected but a good size; very good coat expression, blending perfectly from points to the paler body. Good length and very soft texture – still slightly kittenish. A real sparkly character and overall a very nice and ideally moderate type.

BOB was very close run, but went to the boy on temperament and also due to the extent of the girl’s roll-off.
Class 28
AC non-certificate Adult
1 Hitchings’s CWTCHYCATZ ROUGE (15/06/2010) F 74c
A light-boned girl with dainty-features. Gently rounded top of head, small dip in profile, nose slightly fine with a strong pinch – perhaps slightly too much, but she was anxious and perhaps sucking her cheeks in, so she may look less pinchy when she is more used to showing. Good bite, but slightly shallow chin. Excellent eye colour tone but rather pale; correct almond shape and well set. Ears good size and shape, but held a bit low, which accentuated her pinch. Coat pattern excellent: a warm pinky lilac with points merging gently to the body tone very typical for a lilac; nice coat length and texture. Nice tail, just long enough! Elegant legs and pretty oval feet. Her body was erring on the side of being a bit slight but she was still a good weight and moderate build just feeling a bit immature. Presented well.
Class 34
Maiden Adult
1 Goodburn’s HYLILY ROSETTA RUMPUNCH (10/08/2010) F 74fn
A rather angular head with quite large eyes of perfect blue-green colour – really stunning; profile rather straight with a nose-bump; Slightly flat top of head; ears of good size but carried rather high making her face look long and narrow; shallow bite, and chin a bit grubby; Body a good moderate type but rather light-boned – she felt lighter than expected rather than heavier. Good coat colour expression with tiny bars on her knees, coat slightly long over the back, but nice and soft, with pretty, elegant legs and oval paws. I had to judge her in her pen as although she was purring, she was feeling a bit hormonal and didn’t want to come out, and I didn’t see the need to upset her for an undisputed side class.
Class 38
Adolescent Adult
1 Macey’s FECHELDEE TANDI (21/10/2010) F 74b
Good moderate type cat with a good head shape but slightly large ears, set well. Gently rounded top of head; very slight dip in profile and fine muzzle with good bite but grubby chin. Well-defined pinch. Lovely greeny-blue eye colour in eyes of correct colour, shape and set. Slightly strong pinch making her face a bit too angular. She was surprisingly light in weight despite having a good build to look at. Good length and shape of tail with elegant legs tapering to oval paws. The coat pattern was well blended from the darker points to her paler body, but her coat was slightly long and coarse near her back end, and her body was very brindled, particularly for her age, which I felt detracted from what would otherwise have been a good warm chocolate colour.
2 Goodburn’s HYLILY ROSETTA RUMPUNCH (10/08/2010) F 74fn

3 Singleton’s TONKYWAY BOURNVILLE CARINA (10/11/2010) F 74
Very nice head with a good moderate balance of width to length: blue-green eyes a bit small but of correct almond shape and good set; slight dip in profile; good bite and good depth chin with a decided whisker pinch. Balanced moderate ears, well set and pricked forward with rounded top. Medium strong body of good weight and nicely balanced, with tapering legs to oval paws. Good medium tail length and shape. Coat a bit long over the back; pattern good but too pale and brindled for a brown, which should have a warm shiny lustre: pink paw pads suggests she is actually a chocolate solid pattern rather than a brown intermediate, which would match with the brindling, though even for a chocolate she is very heavily brindled, particularly for her age.
Class 44
Best eye colour adult
1 Goodburn’s HYLILY ROSETTA RUMPUNCH (10/08/2010) F 74fn
Eye colour to die for.
2 Singleton’s TONKYWAY BOURNVILLE CARINA (10/11/2010) F 74
Excellent blue-green eyes, but the first place stole the show
CNH Hudson’s ADOREATONK TIANA (14/052007) F 74e
Later in the day this lovely girl had settled down, but something had obviously upset her in the morning, and I wasn’t able to handle her while judging this class. I was able to look at her later in the day, and she did have very good eye colour.
Class 45
Best temperament adult
1 Richards & Richards’s GR CH ROMANTICA ARABIAN KNIGHT (21/05/2009) M 74b
A very calm and self-possessed boy, particularly as an entire male. A real cool character, sitting up and looking around in true Tonkinese style, completely convinced of his own importance, and politely deigning to come out and let us admire him. No doubt about his temperament.
2 Goodburn’s HYLILY ROSETTA RUMPUNCH (10/08/2010) F 74fn
Not very keen on coming out, no matter how many compliments I paid her, so unfortunately she couldn’t surpass the boy.
3 Millward’s GR CH YOKOTA LUCIE LOCKETT (03/022007) F 74c
A bit worried by the time I saw her, and had probably had enough by this time of day, as she was a bit grumpy and decided she had done her bit for the moment.
Class 48
Adult Born 1 August-31 October
1 Goodburn’s HYLILY ROSETTA RUMPUNCH (10/08/2010) F 74fn

Class 72
Non-breeders Neuter Female
1 Bernard & Bernard’s GR CH & PR COPERNICUS CHERRY BLOSSOM (23/05/2006) FN 74e
A nice balanced cat of very good overall type. Gently rounded top of head with nice width between the ears, set correctly and good moderate shape and size. Good eye set and almond shape with the upper lid slanting down to the nose and the lower lid gently curved. Slightly pale blue-green colour; excellent dip in profile and good whisker pinch; her bite had some missing teeth, but was otherwise straight. Very soft and glossy short coat with good expression of the pattern and colour and no barring; Nice moderate well-built and muscular body, slender legs with lovely happy feet. A pleasure to handle
2 Turner & Helgerud’s ADOREATONK COCOSHANELE (16/11/2009) FN 74h
Overall a nicely proportioned cat. Rounded top of head with neat ears well set on the head and with rounded tips and correct shape; Good dip in profile and nice straight nose below the dip; slight whisker pinch and a firm muzzle and good bite with reasonable depth of chin. Nice blue-green eyes with a good set and typical shape, though slightly more straight in set than slanted. Long, firm body of good weight and build; strong legs and oval feet and nicely balanced tapering tail. Coat pattern blending well from points to body and showing correct contrast, but with rather a lot of barring, not just in the red. A bit worried by the time I reached her, but very polite about being brought out again, and presented in excellent condition.
3 Bell’s PR HYLILY OLIVIA OPAL (20/12/2009) FN 74n
Slightly long head, and a bit light-boned Eyes of good almond shape and set, a little small but excellent blue-green colour; good dip in profile but with a pronounced bump on the nose; shallow, level bite. Slightly rounded top of head, with broad-based, moderately large ears with rounded tops set correctly. Face overall slightly pinchy. Reasonable expression of the coat pattern, but quite strong definition for the colour, though there is clearly caramel colour all over the body and not just on the haunches; dainty paws and strong legs, long slender tail. A bit lightweight and fine in type overall; not quite enough moderate characteristics. Well presented in excellent condition.
Class 74
Maiden Neuter
1 Turner & Helgerud’s ADOREATONK LULLABY BEAU (16/11/2009) FN 74b
This girl looked a little angular: she had rather a flat top and pronounced pinch, which affected the overall impression she created. She had nice blue-green eyes of good shape and set; her ears were well set, marginally large, but correct shape; good dip in profile; the pronounced pinch accentuated the length of her nose. Slightly weak chin with a shallow bite. Elegant, well-muscled and well-proportioned body. Soft and shiny coat, slightly long over the back, but with excellent pattern, gently merging from the points to the body, and in lovely conditon. Very smart and well presented, with a very typical alert Tonkinese temperament.
Class 82
Radius Neuter
1 Durden’s CH & UK IGR PR SHINARHA ENOLA GAY (11/05/1999) FN 74j
What a beauty! In superb condition for her age. Good dip in profile; lovely rounded top with perfect neat ears beautifully placed and creating a very pleasing whole with the balance of the head. Good depth of chin, gentle pinch; greeny-yellow eyes with good shape and set, pigment beginning to break up but lovely eyeliner. Excellent short coat, tight to the body with good pattern expression; slight barring; Solid slightly portly body (which she has a right to at her age!) with slightly short tail; dainty legs and paws kneading away. Really pleasing to the eye: everything moderate and balanced, and such a lovely personality too.
Class 99
Tabby (all colours) adult
1 Chapple’s GR CH ANTIKPATINA PRUNELLA (13/08/2008) F74t
A very nice elegant Tonkinese. Classic tabby pattern losing some definition in the markings, and excellent contrast for a brown tabby with a paler body than many tabby patterns, but merging well from points to body with nice dark brown rather than black stripes. Eye colour blue-green and good size, shape and set; Excellent ear shape, size and set, balancing nicely with the skull which had a good rounded top; very slight dip in profile and good whisker pinch, slightly weak chin, but good bite. Nice balanced moderate head overall. Very good weight and condition; good big solid legs and feet; long, elegant tail. Interesting classic tabby pattern, losing some definition between the dark and light, as it is filling in with ticking, but the stripes on legs, tail and face still have clarity. Well presented, and I would have loved to join her in her warm cave under her blanket.
2 Durden’s SHINARHA LILYBELLE (18/10/2010) F 74t
An appealing brown tabby with a slightly long head. Nice blue-green eyes, good set and almond shape, the lower lid could perhaps have been a little deeper in curve; good sized ears, well set; rounded top; head slightly long for width and slightly weak chin. Just enough coat expression with a ticked pattern, paling over the shoulders, but very dark on the spine; very soft texture with a bit of baldness on the tummy; nice thumbprints on ears and lovely stripey legs. A bit anxious at first, but a very gentle girl.
Class 104
Red, Cream or Apricot Kitten
1 Hunter & Hunter’s TALLICA MICKEY BLUE EYES (22/06/2011) M 74fn
I was very happy of the excuse to visit these kittens again!
2 Richards & Richards’s TONKAHOLICS APRICOT MOOSE (15/07/2011) M 74d

Class 99
Tabby (all colours) neuter
1 Richards & Richards’s CH & PR TONKAHOLICS SUPERSTAR (18/06/2006) FN 74bt
Lovely to see a chocolate tabby, one of my favourite colours. Nice ears of good shape and set which looked pointy thanks to some tiny typical tabby tufts on the tips; rounded head, well balanced between width and length; green eyes of good set, a little straight on the upper lid; good depth of chin and slight dip in profile; good bite; nicely defined chocolate tabby pattern on a short, tight, soft coat; long thin tail; good body weight and correct build, with nice legs and small oval paws; a bit grumpy by the time I got to her, and didn’t want to stand up to show off her leg stripes, but a good example of the pattern and breed, and very well presented.

Wyvern Cat Club, 10 Sept 2011

Well done to Sue on a lovely show, and thank you so much for inviting me. I was very pleased to find I had some extra classes in the HP section when I got there, though the journey would have been worthwhile for the classes I originally had! Many thanks to Esther Anstice on her first visit to a cat show and her first stewarding engagement. We had a great day and really enjoyed seeing so many lovely cats.

Class 335
Tonkinese Kitten
1 BOB: Bernard’s AMORCATZ JANE EYRE (74a) F 11/3/11
Friendly and very affectionate little girl, keen to be judged. Slightly rounded top of head with good width, good ear set, and correct shape; slight dip in profile and slight whisker pinch. Excellent bite. Head a little fine-boned and looks slightly unbalanced at the moment, as she needs to grow into her ears. However the length and width of the skull balance, and I would not want any more length. Oval eyes more blue than green in tone at the moment, in keeping with her coat colour. Slight body with good, sturdy legs. Tail excellent length and and shape, not whippy. Coat short and close, rather paler than usual in a blue, and lacking warmth, but nicely blended between body and points. Someone had been chewing on the back of her neck, leaving some bald patches. Just a suspicion of ghost-barring on the tail, otherwise very good clear coat. Extremely happy, and showing excellent Tonkinese temperament.
Class 954
AC tabby SH cat of any pattern w/w.o white
1 MC BOB: Rossi’s OBI (tabby & white SH) FN, 18 months
Very pretty girl with a beautifully balanced body, trim and muscular, and extremely soft coat. A bit anxious out of the pen, but very gentle and obliging. Stunning odd eyes. Dainty for her age, but very feminine.
[Also judged for BOB] Lewis’s IGMC TIGGA 4 yrs
A bit hissy out of the pen. Rather portly, but still muscular, with very soft coat in good condition. More friendly in the pen, but a bit too grumpy for BOB this time.
Class 963
OAC or pattern LH or SLH cat w/w.o. white– it was very hard to judge the BoB for this class: all the cats were very well presented and it was an extremely difficult choice, coming down in the end to the cat who wanted to show himself off out of the pen
1 MC BOB: Simmonds & Hall’s TEDDY 7 yrs 1 month
Big fluffy gentleman, alert and keen to come out and make new friends. Gorgeous ear-tufts and toe-feathers. His teeth would be a credit to a much younger cat. He had a coat that seemed to be undecided on length, changing all over his body, but every hair was in place, beautifully groomed and presented, looking very hard to beat, and completely relaxed out of the pen.
Very laid back in his pen. A very sturdy cat, with a quiet but audible purr, accented by his happy kneading. Excellent teeth. Very solid and heavy to hold, with huge soft paws. Not quite fully relaxed out of the pen.
Simmonds & Hall’s MC CHARLIE
Charlie didn’t want to come out for BoB but was very well presented. Purring in the pen, but not happy to be judged today.
Class 710
AC Tonkinese kitten
1: Bernard’s AMORCATZ JANE EYRE (74a) F 11/3/11
(see above)
Class 911
Male Adult loyalty class
1: Morgan’s CH ASTRALBLAESE PEGASUS 24c 28/5/06
A very gentle and sweet-tempered lilac point Siamese of moderate type, who loved being handled. Good eye colour and excellent body colour and pattern. Ears good size and set and nicely shaped head and profile. Lovely long legs and tail as I would expect for the breed.
2: Emery & Emery’s CH TROUILLORD YANKEE-DOODLE 13b17 1/5/09
Quite a small, fit and friendly boy with good clean teeth. Well presented, his coat was beautifully groomed: a lovely warm peach colour. Good type with nose not too tight to his face. Slightly undershot, but within tolerance for the breed.
3: Chesterman’s ADECISH BLIMEY O RILEY 70 2a 12/0/10
Attractive Exotic boy; very gentle, coat shedding a bit; purring at the attention. A good solid cat showing correct type and a very nice temperament.
Class 921
AC Burmese Adult, kitten or neuter
A really solid cat with a superb coat, wonderful type, excellent colour, and very well presented. Lovley rounded head, excellent ear set and size, perfect nose break. Clear yellow eyes of correct shape and size. Relaxed in pen, but a little bit grumpy out as he had decided it was time for a snooze and didn’t want to be disturbed. In superb condition, inside and out. Typical Burmese: convinced of his own importance and didn’t think much of me!
Class 934
AC Foreign Kitten
1: Bridges’s ADELFSH AURORA 24/12/10
A Very pretty girl, slightly small for age, but very good weight for her size. Nice ear shape and set, good nose break, eyes good size, shape and colour. Lovely ticking on the coat. Not at all nervous about the show or meeting new people. Excellent short and close-lying coat with a nice expression. A good representative of her breed.
Class 985
Exhibit owned by a child under 16
1: Goodman’s PUDDLES 14 months
This young lady didn’t seem very happy and was probably missing her owner. Very pretty, with a glossy black coat and endearing face and markings. I felt a bit guilty about disturbing her. Beautifully presented.
Class 989
Any Senior Cat -– A big class and difficult to judge with so many impressive cats.
1: Bernard’s GMC CHARLIE 4 yrs
An outstanding cat, head and shoulders above the rest of this large class, with a beautiful coat and teeth, good sturdy legs and body and lovely temperament to match. He really stood out.
2: Chapman-Beer’s GMC BRUNO 3 yrs
A very friendly boy with a deep glossy coat. Lovely in and out of the pen, and a great character.
3: Verlander’s KAMEKO 5 yrs
Such a patient, gentle girl, with a very good close-lying coat, excellent teeth and a very sweet temperament. Alert and friendly once she woke up, and not annoyed at all by being disturbed to be judged.
Class 995
Prettiest Female – A group of extremely pretty cats
1: Amarilli’s BABYLOVE 5 months
A big bundle of fluff, good size, leaning into the hand when stroked and rolling about in evident enjoyment. Lovely ear and toe tufts, and purring fit to bust. Naturally as the winner she was very pretty, with shining eyes and alert, open expression
2: Voysey’s KIT KAT 25/3/11
A gorgeous purring tabby, so sweet and cuddly: I would have been very happy to sneak her into my pocket and steal her away! Another one with lustrous eyes and elegant facial markings
3: Armstrong’s BOBBY’S GIRL 5 months
Another lovely kitten, very relaxed in her pen, and rolling on her back and kneading to look extra cute. She had the softest coat, pretty tail and winning eyes.
Class 1009
Any Female Adult
1: Guy & Guy’s MC MAISIE 13 months
Very pert and interested. Large expressive eyes, Coat in beautiful condition; very attractive and outgoing expression; relaxed in and out of the pen. Good strong legs and firm build.
2: Riley’s MC AMBER 4 years
A lovely gentle girl, who was so keen to be involved and was so appealing too. Excellent coat and beautifully presented.
3: White’s MC INDIA 18 months
Chirruping at us as we looked at her in the pen, she was slightly anxious about coming out but eager to make new friends, kneading and purring. Elegant long legs, very tall.
Class 1012
Any non-pedigree pet adult or kitten – A group of really lovely cats, all well presented and in good condition. Very difficult to place.
1: Hutchinson’s GMC BISCUIT 4 yrs
A gorgeous cat, and absolutely outstanding in this section. The most impressive cat of the show for me. A really big boy, well balanced, so keen to come out and meet us, with a huge personality shining through. Purring away – a real gentleman, and my steward’s favourite too. Glossy rich-coloured coat with immaculate white markings. What a stunning cat!
2: Webb’s UK IGMC ALYS 3 yrs
A big girl, slightly portly, but beautifully presented. Long fluffy coat in excellent condition, elegant legs and pretty ears and eyes making an endearing expression. Very happy to be handled, and a pleasure to judge.
3: Rossi’s OBI 18 months
Very nice dainty girl with very pretty tabby and white markings and a coat in superb condition, her white markings positively glowing. A very friendly, gentle cat.

Tonkinese Cat Club, 29 May 2010

Many thanks to Sue Amor for inviting me to spend the day with a lovely group of cats, and thank you also to Jacqueline Leah who tore herself away from her new kittens to steward for me. I had a lovely day and enjoyed judging very much.

Ped HHP Imperial Class: Grand Master Cat Female
1: Miller's GMC Cleo Katra Miller 5y - Rather nervy lady, but very gentle. Slightly plump and prettily marked. I think hadn't settled into her show routine, and didn't really want to be judged when I got to her. A difficult breed to present well, but looking good, and a very striking cat.

Non-ped Grand Class: Master Cat Male
1: Aldridge-Snell's MC Chester 4 yrs - Didn't want to come out, but very nicely presented. Not at his best I amongst all the bustle, but in the pen was a strong, confident and interested boy. He had a thick and luxuriant coat and was in the middle of shedding quite a lot of it so it must have been a real effort to get him looking so good for the show.

Non-ped Grand Class: Master Cat Female
1 GMC: Tolhurst's MC Heidi 7 yrs - A slightly chubby and very gentle, cuddly girl with a thick and glossy coat. Well groomed and beautifully presented so that she was hardly shedding despite the warm weather: lovely clean ears, excellent teeth and gums for her age. A pleasure to meet her, and a well-deserved award
2: Aldridge-Snell's MC Fudge 5 yrs - This felt like a much older cat as she was rather thin and I wondered if she had been off her food recently. She had a lovely very gentle and quiet termperament, and wasn't at all worried by the show. Obviously much loved, but a bit out of condition today.

Non-ped Open Class: SH Tabby with/without white Male
1 MC & BOB: Lewis's IGMC &UMC Pebbles 12 yrs - A very noble face and lovely big 'puppy' paws; purring happily and very placid and attractive. His rich, glossy coat and general condition would do credit to a much younger cat, and he was presented really nicely with claws neatly trimmed and a temperament to die for.
2: Jones's Tejas 1yr - Very pretty boy with a lovely delicate colour and lovely coat. He wasn't sure he was ready to purr for me, but beautifully presented and will no doubt be looking for Grands very soon.
3: Ford's Boris Agrippa 1 yr - Another lovely youngster with a beautiful coat, excellent teeth and lovely clean ears. He was a bit anxious today but will no doubt be a happy show cat once he has had a bit more time to get used to the idea.

Non-ped Open Class: SH AOC Male
1: Lewis's GMC Mr Tigga 3yrs - A big boy of good weight and very nicely presented. However he definitely didn't want to come out and meet me (or my steward) so I wasn't really able to get a good impression of him. A pity as I'm sure on another day he would be a really special cat to meet.

Ped HHP Open Class: SH Self with/without white Female
1: Newberry's Maisie 3yrs - sitting very nicely in her pen and doing a good impersonation of a china cat, this young lady was very self-possessed and not impressed by a lowly judge! Her weight was just right for her size, teeth excellent and ears clean, but coat a little lacklustre today.

Ped HHP Open Class: SH Ginger/Tortie with/without white Male
1 MC: Bernard's MC Charlie 2 yrs - A very relaxed boy, very good presentation, purring and rolling about as if he was in his home with nothing to worry abou: who could resist that sort of appeal? A very difficult cat to beat.
2: Miller's Jaspurr Miller 1yr - Lovely condition and a very big purr, well deserving of his name; immaculately presented: eyes and chin beautifully clean. Pipped at the post for first place as he was little anxious, but it was a close thing.
3: Bridger's Jasper 2yrs - Although he was hiding under his blanket he came out nicely and relaxed enough for a cuddle, though he was a bit worried about all the people and other cats. Obviously a very sweet cat, and one anyone would like to take home.

Ped HHP Open Class: SH Ginger/Tortie with/without white Female
1 MC: Lowell's Hellsbells 10 yrs - A lovely mature cat, purring and kneading and clearly so happy to be admired and on show. Beautifully clean, with good teeth and a lovely rich coat. A bit tense but friendly and very happy - she must be a lovely pet.
2: Miller's GMC Cleo Katra Miller

Misc Class: Handsomest Male Neuter or Kitten
1: Ford's Boris Agrippa
2: Miller's Jaspurr Miller
3: Bridger's Jasper

Misc Class: Kitten
1: Ford's MOBY CLAVIUS 14 weeks - A good size for his age, well developed and amazingly self-possessed for such a youngster. He won everyone's hearts of course and probably knew it too: he was sitting in his pen with his little paws crossed, surveying the world by the time I got to him, just like a veteran. I was quite envious of his owner!

Misc Class: Visitors Neuter or Kitten
1: Miller's Jaspurr Miller
2: Jones's Tejas
3: Cullin's Elijah - Preferred to be in the pen, but a lovely blue tabby, very well presented and with a really nice temperament. Very appealing expression with a lovely way of looking out at the world.

Club Class: Neuter
1: Bernard's MC Charlie
2: Bridger's Jasper
3: Newberry's Maisie

Balinese Cat Society, 29 May 2010

Many thanks for inviting me to judge today - a lovely day out with great cats. What more could a cat-lover want?

Misc Class: Friendliest Neuter or Kitten
1: Lowell's Hellsbells10 yrs - A lovely mature cat, purring and kneading and clearly so happy to be admired and on show. Beautifully clean, with good teeth and a lovely rich coat. A bit tense but friendly and very happy - she must be a lovely pet.
2: Miller's GMC Cleo Katra Miller 5y - Rather nervy lady, but very gentle. Slightly plump and prettily marked. I think hadn't settled into her show routine, and didn't really want to be judged when I got to her. A difficult breed to present well, but looking good, and a very striking cat.
3: Cullin's Elijah - Preferred to be in the pen, but a lovely blue tabby, very well presented and with a really nice temperament. Very appealing expression with a lovely way of looking out at the world.
4: Thornton's Chokki 6yrs - A big wriggly mature boy who didn't offer a purr for me, but was clearly a softie, and a sucker for a lap rather than being held up. They ought to provide judges with a chair for cats like this, as I would have loved to try him out on my lap! Well presented and obviously a super cat.

Misc Class: 3 to 8 years
1: Thornton's Chokki

Misc Class: Neuter or Kitten Never Shown Before
1: Lowell's Hellsbells
2: James's Classical Jazz 1yr - A very busy brown tabby, a bit on edge but fascinated by all that was going on around him rather than frightened. Still a baby, and having a new adventure. Coat in excellent condition and very nicely presented.
3: Thornton's Chokki
4: Ford's Moby Clavius 14 weeks - A good size for his age, well developed and amazingly self-possessed for such a youngster.