Meet the babies (12)
Day 78, 26 April


Let us out!!

Day 79, 27 April
These pictures are especially for 'Octavia Moon's' newly-chosen mother-to-be....

Day 80, 28 April
Guide to kitten behaviour:
18. The ONLY way to wind down after a good rampage, is a cuddle and a suckle with mummy

Day 81, 29 April
After weeks and weeks of rain and dull weather, the kittens have discovered SUNSHINE, and have finally begun to appreciate the south-facing aspect of their nursery! They are incredibly quick on their feet now, and shoot out of the nursery door every time I open it. They have the run of the upstairs for longer periods now, though they still have to be shut in at night or I'd never get ANY sleep. Pumpkin and Boogie still hiss and growl if they meet a kitten, but Teddy seems to go around in a happy daze, and just looks at them as if they're rather surprising insects if they cross his path. It is good for them to learn to be wary of the older cats, as two of them will be going to houses with cats already in place, and they need to learn to show good manners around their elders. What is interesting to me is that they now come when I call them, and they are beginning to recognise their names.

Day 82, 30 April
The only way I've managed to get pictures of these beasts is to wait until they flop out asleep. However, that doesn't happen all that often, and normally they are rioting around and simply moving too fast to get a picture taken. This one is thanks to the fascination of all kittens with electrical wires. After I took the picture I had to remove them firmly from the vicinity of the wires which are in danger of being punctured.

Day 83, 1 May
So you thought I was exaggerating about them being vandals? HA!

Day 84, 2 May
A sad rogue's gallery today, as this time next week will be the last time they're together. I had to enlist the help of a friend armed with a cat toy to get these pictures.



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