Meet the babies (3)
DAY 15, 23 Feb

There's a lot of purring around now, and the little brown one purrs when I stroke him, which is pretty good going for such a young fella! Today for the first time there are signs that they're interested in looking around and playing (biting each other and waving their legs in the air) as well as just sleeping and eating. Things begin to get a bit more interesting from this point on!

DAY 16, 24 Feb

They don't scream so much when I visit now, and they're getting more easy-going about being picked up. Their little ears are looking bigger, and moving up their heads noticeably, but they're still very floppy and velvety!

DAY 17, 25 Feb

I'm tired out today, but the babies are full of beans ...

DAY 18, 26 Feb

Didn't manage to update today as a bite at a cat show left me surprisingly incapacitated and the camera batteries went flat so I couldn't upload the pictures to the computer. The little brown one didn't gain much weight over the last two days, so I'll supplement him a bit tomorrow just in case his fat sisters are pushing him off the good teats.

DAY 19, 27 Feb

They are showing signs of wanting to climb out of the box - beginning to look up a lot and climb up the sides a bit. Missie still has 6 very active teats, so they're clearly making the most of the lack of competition!

DAY 20, 28 Feb

Exciting day! The babies got their first taste of freedom as they were decidedly frustrated this morning. The big kittening box has now been put on its side and they can walk out if they want. Having tried it out, they decided they preferred their cave, but Missie was very happy. Reckless (11 months old) decided this was a perfect time to become an aunt, but seemed to be having trouble deciding whether to be a baby instead, and Teddy came and visited his nephew and nieces and approved. Lots of pictures today, but it was such a lovely scene I couldn't resist!

DAY 21, 29 Feb

Can't believe it's three weeks already. So here's the rogues gallery again (still in order of birth). The little brown one now purrs as soon as you stroke him (adorable).
When are you regular visitors going to start suggesting names then?