Meet the babies (8)
DAY 50, 29 March

Missie is finding the best way to keep an eye on them these days, is to look down from on high...

DAY 51, 30 March

Well the BAD news is that two of them worked out today how to escape from the nursery. I have to say that they had a bit of help, as Reckless obviously decided it was time they broadened their horizons, and lugged a couple of them over the low barrier herself. However, it didn't take Cochese long to work out that there was a whole new world out there, and her blue sister followed her within seconds. They've spent most of the evening gallivanting around my study, but haven't tried the stairs yet, so tomorrow I have to get into the loft and find the metre-high barrier. The only thing that surprises me is that Moriarty seems quite content to stay in the nursery, and I was convinced he'd be the first one out as he's been hopping up and down by the barrier every time I get out. Probably too fat to lift himself that far off the ground!

DAY 52, 31 March

Just before I went to bed, I heartlessly raised the height of the barrier by about 6 inches, and for about half an hour could hear Cochese and her blue sister splatting against it, unable to work out why they suddenly couldn't get over it. What a beast! I've now replaced it with the high barrier (1 metre) which Reckless and Missie can still jump over, but the kittens are trapped again. This is about the time when I start letting them have the run of the house for short periods. They have to be supervised when they're running about because, just as you find with children, there are all sorts of unexpected hazards for kittens in a normal house.

DAY 53, 1 April

Didn't manage to upload today as I was at a local cat show (the Abyssinian Cat Association) all morning, then ran straight to a big rehearsal in the afternoon, and a great concert in the evening (Bach Magnificat and Handel Dixit Dominus). Got home too knackered to brave the net, but I did remember to do the day's photograph.


DAY 54, 2 April

After about five hours of rampaging around, the kittens have finally gone to ground in the jersey drawer under my bed, and have been out cold for nearly two hours. I'm just going to have to wait until they wake up to get them out, but it's blessedly peaceful at the moment. 'Cochese' has earned a 'real' name at last (Cochese wasn't really suitable for a young lady): she's now called Calamity, and boy, does it suit her! I've been calling the little 'seal point' Panda as she has such a sweet round face (quite un-Siamese!), so that leaves only the last little blue, who is very sweet but still saddled with the undignified generic name of 'Baby'.

Freedom at last! (Missie's not so sure....)

DAY 55, 3 April

The reason I don't yet allow the kittens to have free run of the upstairs is that they are too still young to have reliable bladder control. Like young children, they find themselves suddenly in need of a litter tray, but without the ability to 'hang on' until they can find one! In the nursery it's fine because there is always a litter tray close at hand. However, when they're bucketing around my study and the landing, they are just that bit further from their familiar litter trays, and they don't use trays in their new area because they're not used to their position. When they're running around I have to watch carefully for that intense look they get on their faces, or I may have to deal with a very damp patch in the middle of my duvet.

exploring my desktop

DAY 56, 4 April

It's wonderful when they go to sleep. When they're playing there's a constant muted thunder!

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