All gone - again!

As fast as they arrived, the little Siamese guys have found homes. Though they are still here, they are now all spoken for. I can't believe the demand for Old-style Siamese - makes me wonder if I should start breeding them again!

Siamese Babies here!

Yes, there are six gorgeous Siamese kittens here: they purr like tractor engines, and can't get enough of cuddling: when I go in to their room they swarm over me and all they want is to be held and cuddled. They are darlings, and have wonderful soft coats with a gentle and loving temperament to match. Four of them are available to special homes. See Kittens/Currently available for some pictures and more details.

SIAMESE kittens!

It has been many years since I advertised Siamese kittens available, but I spoke this evening to Henry Tinney in Somerset, who bred both my Siamese girls when I was breeding Siamese, and he has two litters of kittens available, both ready to go: 5 seal point boys, 1 lilac boy and 1 seal-point girl. His telephone number is 01458 831827 (no e-mail). Please give him a call!


Yes, there are more kittens available! Diane Short in Newcastle has two gorgeous litters of kittens ready to go right now, but no buyers in her part of the world. I have agreed to bring them to Oxford if necessary as there are a lot more cat lovers in this part of the world, so if you are interested but Newcastle is too far, then you could meet them here. Their father is a son of Chaos, who went to live with Diane last year. Please contact me or Diane right away if you are interested.

The boys

The boys, Listo and Chaos have this week gone to new homes, and it’s the first time in so long that I haven’t had at least one boy in the house that I can’t even remember when it last was. Probably about 8 years. I miss them a lot, as do the girls, but the smell of cat pee is already beginning to fade, and we are all enjoying having all the interior doors open after many years keeping the boys confined in their own part of the house. They boys too are ecstatic about their new home, and are so far behaving beautifully.

All gone!

The last of the kittens has gone to her new home: Arabesque (called ‘Scooby’ because of her huge paws!) has gone to live in Shrewsbury with a lovely rescue snow marbled Bengal, who is very gentle and I hope will be a great friend. Scooby will love her markings, as they are so similar to her mother’s

New pictures

I’ve put up new (very recent) pictures of the kittens, and made a page for each of the three remaining who are not yet spoken-for: Geronimo, Patience and Arabesque. Go to the end of the slide-show to find their new pictures, and see their individual pages under ‘Currently available’.

More kitten news

At last I have put up some new pictures and news of kittens available: I have three kittens available to new homes, two girls and a boy. Their pictures are on the ‘Kittens’ and ‘Currently available’ pages.

Kitten news

Apologies for the long silence - things have been very busy here! I have put up a few new pictures of the kittens, and news at last of the litters and their availability on the ‘Kittens’ and ‘Currently available’ pages.

New health information

New page added to the Health Section about ‘Malnourished Kitten Syndrome’;
New information added to the FCKS pages about suckling and causes of flat-chests.

Kitten news

I have put up news of the kittens and pictures on the ‘Currently Available’ page. It looks as if Baby R has three girls and a boy. Marmite had three boys and a girl, but we lost one of the boys last week to a heart defect. The others are strong and very well, and gaining weight fast. None of Marmite’s kittens will be available for breeding. I’m not sure yet of colours: Marmite seems to have a blue tabby boy and brown tabby girl, and a white boy who will be a pointed something - blue probably - but I don’t know whether he will be tabby or not. Baby R’s litter are all very white: two lilacs and two chocolates. The boy is a solid pattern chocolate tabby, and already very stripy. The others ... time will tell! One of the girls is a pointed chocolate, and may turn out to have stripes, and the lilacs may also be striped but it’s too early to tell yet.

More Kittens: Marmite very happy

Marmite safely delivered four lovely kittens yesterday afternoon (Sunday 2nd May). It looks like three boys and a girl. Three of the kittens are tabbies; two definitely blue and the third blue at the moment, but might be a brown when she darkens up. The fourth kitten is just like his father: gangly, leggy and feisty. He’s pure white so is going to be a pointed pattern, probably a blue as he’s very white. It looks as if Baby Reckless has three girls and a boy.

Baby Reckless's kittens born

Baby Reckless had her first litter of kittens in the small hours of Saturday 24 April. The first was born at about half past midnight, with three more following at intervals of about half an hour. They are all healthy and active and have extremely loud voices! I don’t know the sexes yet, nor the colours for sure, but they will be chocolates and possibly lilacs. I hope for tabbies too, but time will tell. With the pale colours it’s very hard to know what they are for a few weeks.

Kittens due

Both Marmite and Baby Reckless are showing signs of being pregnant, and in fact are swelling noticeably, which is pretty good going given that they’re not that far on in their pregnancies! The kittens are due at the end of April and beginning of May, so watch this space for news.

News of kittens

Baby Reckless has finally called, and gone to stud in Swindon. I am hoping that Marmite will also call very soon so that they can have their babies together. There are Chaos babies available in a couple of weeks, with Penny Reeve in Wiltshire - please see the kitten page for details.