TBC show reports published

Tonkinese Breed Club Show 29 November: show reports now available on my judging page

New Health pages

I have added a couple of pages to the health section, one on Infertility caused by Chlamydia and the other on inappropriate peeing, which is still under construction.

Show reports: Wyvern

As I'm going to be doing some judging now (as a probationer Tonkinese judge) I've added a 'judging' page to the website, and will put my show reports there as well as sending them to the GCCF. Hilarious!

Spider has a new home

Yes, the last of the kittens has gone: Spider went to his new home on Thursday evening, and is already snuggling up with his new Burmese friends. We're all missing him, but the household is settling back to normal - as much as it can with this bunch! The next adventure will be Tango going to stud, which I hope will happen in the next couple of weeks.

Spider (brown) still available

Spider, the brown mink boy from Marmite's current litter is still available and now ready to go. His brothers have left home, so he needs to move soon before he gets his little paws too firmly under the table here!

More pictures

I've added a handful of pictures today and will try to add some more this week, but it depends on the sun and on the little monsters posing. Only one is promised so far, so today I did the dreaded job of sorting out some adverts...

New pictures!

Finally, some new pictures of Marmite's kittens. They're now just over 4 weeks old, and ready for visitors, so if you would like one please get in touch as soon as possible to arrange a time to visit.

Kittens born

Marmite had three lovely kittens in the early morning on Friday 20 May. I'm still a bit sleep-deprived as all my kittens are born beside my bed, and this lot have impressive lungs on them, screaming about pretty much everything! They are all boys, and seem to be one blue and two pointed (blue or brown - colours will develop in the next few weeks). These kittens may all be spoken for, as I have had rather a lot of enquiries over the last few weeks, but I am also 'advertising' a lovely brown F1 girl for a friend, so please be in touch if you are interested.


Marmite is definitely pregnant now, and kittens are due around 20 May. I do not have a waiting list, but I do keep a note of people who have contacted me wanting kittens and will contact you when I have more news (I will also update the newsfeed when I have a moment).

website update

I've done some small updates to the website, but the most important one is the addition of Leo's page (in the boys section).

Kitten news

Marmite has just come back from stud in Cambridgeshire (with Chinktonks Nocturne, a Blue). If she is pregnant she will have kittens aroun 21 May, who will be ready to go about 20 August. It's too early to tell whether she is pregnant - another 18 days I should think before I get any hints, but I can start making tentative plans!