Marmite’s kittens all gone

Venus, the last of Marmite’s kittens left home last weekend, going all the way to Dublin. We miss her rather a lot at the moment as she was here longer than the others because of having to have a rabies vaccination before travelling, but she’s settling well in her new home, and we’re getting used to being a bit quieter here!

Show reports: Tonkinese Breed Club, 27 Oct 2012

I have sent my show reports for this show to the GCCF, but have also put them on my website here.

FCKS page updated

I am attempting to keep my FCKS information updated now by using the Wikipedia article, as my web pages about the subject became very large and unwieldy! However there are important references in my pages to anecdotal treatments that would not be appropriate in the wiki article. Please do read the Wikipedia article if you are interested in this subject.

Kittens still available!

Two of Marmite’s boys are still available, and will be ready to go next week. The two kittens are both brown, one pointed pattern, and one mink (Tonkinese) pattern. Both extremely affectionate and cuddly!


I'm so sorry not to have published any new pictures, but have been hand-rearing a litter of kittens for another breeder, and have only just come away from 3 weeks without a complete night's sleep. Everything unnecessary had to go in order to look after these little ones, so no updates to the website! All 6 are doing fine, but I'm still feeling pretty wiped out! I hope to upload some new kitten pictures this weekend.

Kittens at 3 and a half weeks

More pictures uploaded on the Current page under the Kitten heading. They are just wobbling around and have moved to a larger enclosed area of my bedroom so that they can stretch their legs without worrying their mother too much that they will get into trouble.

New kitten pictures at last!

I have finally done a bit of an update to the website and created a page for Marmite's new kittens. Only a few pictures so far, but they are still fuzzballs! They are growing like weeds and quite a lot bigger than previous litters at this age, which is very good. They are like little fat furry sausages.

New pictures

New pics added - I'm testing a new protocol for loading images in the hope that it will make me do it a bit more often, but I'm having trouble with it. At any rate, the pictures are here

New pictures uploaded

13 New pictures added to the Current Kittens page. Sorry for the delay: we have been in litter training, weaning and moving rooms every two days (usually at 2am) mode!

Today's pictures

yes, more up-to-date pictures at last!

More pictures

I've put up some more kitten pictures for Tango's litter - they are a bit out of date, but it's such a hassle getting them off the camera.... sorry - more to come soon.

New videos

I've added some new videos for days 7-10 (all their eyes are now open) to YouTube, and they can also be seen here in the Videos page for the Current Kittens. They're all doing extremely well, and I've had lots of calls from people who want to have one!


Pictures and videos of the kittens have been uploaded and can be seen on the Current Kittens page and the Videos sub-page.

Tango's kittens

Tango's first litter of babies has been born: six beautiful large babies, kicking and screaming and raring to go. She did it really easily too, and I'm so proud of her. See their pictures on the Kitten pages (Current Kittens).