Show reports

Show reports updated

Show reports for Tonkinese Cat Club, Caramel and Apricot Federation, Balinese Cat Society and The Tabby Pointed Cat Society on 25 May, and the London Cat Club, 8 June now available under 'Judging'.

Show reports: Tonkinese Breed Club, 27 Oct 2012

I have sent my show reports for this show to the GCCF, but have also put them on my website here.

TBC show reports published

Tonkinese Breed Club Show 29 November: show reports now available on my judging page

Show reports: Wyvern

As I'm going to be doing some judging now (as a probationer Tonkinese judge) I've added a 'judging' page to the website, and will put my show reports there as well as sending them to the GCCF. Hilarious!