All gone - again!

As fast as they arrived, the little Siamese guys have found homes. Though they are still here, they are now all spoken for. I can't believe the demand for Old-style Siamese - makes me wonder if I should start breeding them again!

Siamese Babies here!

Yes, there are six gorgeous Siamese kittens here: they purr like tractor engines, and can't get enough of cuddling: when I go in to their room they swarm over me and all they want is to be held and cuddled. They are darlings, and have wonderful soft coats with a gentle and loving temperament to match. Four of them are available to special homes. See Kittens/Currently available for some pictures and more details.

SIAMESE kittens!

It has been many years since I advertised Siamese kittens available, but I spoke this evening to Henry Tinney in Somerset, who bred both my Siamese girls when I was breeding Siamese, and he has two litters of kittens available, both ready to go: 5 seal point boys, 1 lilac boy and 1 seal-point girl. His telephone number is 01458 831827 (no e-mail). Please give him a call!