Site updates

Today's pictures

yes, more up-to-date pictures at last!

More pictures

I've put up some more kitten pictures for Tango's litter - they are a bit out of date, but it's such a hassle getting them off the camera.... sorry - more to come soon.

Siamese and general Cat Books

The Siamese Cat Book page has now been added to the ‘Cat books for sale’ part of the website, as has the page of general books about cats, which also contains breed-specific books about Burmese and Tonkinese.

New page on the website

I have added a new page to the website where you can buy rare cat books from my collection. Put together mainly to research the Siamese breed in its early days in this country, the collection grew with the fun of finding rare things, but has had its day, and is now gathering dust. I’m hoping other collectors can fill some gaps in their collection from my treasure trove!