Kittens for sale

Peach's kittens

Peach had 7 gorgeous chocolate and chocolate tabby kittens in October, but unfortunately they are all spoken for, so I haven't put any pictures up. I'm still hoping that Tango may go on call and mate with Louis, but I just have to sit it out until she decides to take some action on this.

Website update

I’ve finally updated the website, with pictures of the current kittens, and a new page for Louis, who is a handsome stud boy now living with me.

More new babies

I'm pleased to announce that Peach successfully delivered her first lovely litter of kittens on Wednesday 6 November. Four lovely kittens, all very energetic, and all - apparently - girls! We're still waiting to see colours, but they will all be chocolates of some sort. I think there is one pointed girl as she is very white, but I don't know yet whether she will be a tabby or not. More info (and pictures) here.

Kittens for sale again?

TygerTyger may still be available: we are waiting to hear whether another litter has any stripey boys before we know whether he is going to be available, so watch this space!

More video

Just a couple of films: one of everyone relaxing in the sunshine (it just makes me want to curl up with them) and another with four of the boys playing with a new toy that arrived this morning: TygerTyger, Perks, Augustine and John the Divine.

All chosen

The kittens have all been chosen. It has happened quite fast in the end: visitors yesterday and today, both satisfying me that they would provide lovely homes, and both having a pair, so now all six kittens have homes to go to. It’s a relief, as finding the right homes is hard, and often worrying, so now that is done all I have to do is watch and enjoy them for the last few weeks, and then they are off to terrorize someone else!


Many thanks to Holly at Pinky PawZ online pet supplies, who has given me a terrific discount on all sorts of toys to go with the kittens to their new home. I get very anxious about homing the kittens, and it helps ME to feel that I’m sending them with everything they could possibly need. I don’t feel such a heel for sending them away from their mummy that way.

More homes

Two more of the kittens have now found homes, Perks and John-the-Divine. They will go together, and the nicest thing is that they will be very close to home: only about 10 mins down the road, so I will be able to see them grow and develop. Lovely!

New photos and videos uploaded

I have put several new videos up on YouTube (which can also be seen via the link on my web page) and some new still pictures of the kittens. I’m not taking many pictures this year: they are darlings, and I can’t bear to get the camera between me and them!

They are getting lots of visitors, so lots of socialisation, but we haven’t yet fixed on homes for all of them.

Homes for babies

We now have firm homes for TygerTyger and Augustine the Hippo, though Augustine is going to have to be given a more dignified name! There has been enormous interest in Beluga, the little blue girl, but so far we haven’t found the perfect home for her. I’m not hurrying, as I could happily keep her myself!

New babies

Marmite has had a lovely litter of 6 babies: 5 tabby boys (blue and brown) and one darling blue pointed girl. They are all doing well, and pictures and videos will go up on the website as they grow.