Peach's kittens

Peach had 7 gorgeous chocolate and chocolate tabby kittens in October, but unfortunately they are all spoken for, so I haven't put any pictures up. I'm still hoping that Tango may go on call and mate with Louis, but I just have to sit it out until she decides to take some action on this.

Website update

I’ve finally updated the website, with pictures of the current kittens, and a new page for Louis, who is a handsome stud boy now living with me.

More new babies

I'm pleased to announce that Peach successfully delivered her first lovely litter of kittens on Wednesday 6 November. Four lovely kittens, all very energetic, and all - apparently - girls! We're still waiting to see colours, but they will all be chocolates of some sort. I think there is one pointed girl as she is very white, but I don't know yet whether she will be a tabby or not. More info (and pictures) here.

New babies

Tango is very proud to announce the arrival of 6 beautiful kittens, fathered by Suzanne Mooney's Louis. They are thriving and putting on weight very fast. They are also being mothered by both Marmite and Peach. Sexes and colours are as yet unknown (please don't ask as I don't know for sure yet), but there ARE tabbies, and there are both boys and girls. There are no pointed pattern kittens in this litter. I will put more details on the Kitten pages when I have time.

Show reports updated

Show reports for Tonkinese Cat Club, Caramel and Apricot Federation, Balinese Cat Society and The Tabby Pointed Cat Society on 25 May, and the London Cat Club, 8 June now available under 'Judging'.

More pictures

Well today they are 7 weeks old, and to celebrate I have uploaded some more pictures to the 'latest pics' page, and created an individual page for each of them. Only one is spoken for so far, so do get in touch if you're still looking, as they are happy to have visitors now.

More kitten pictures

I've added some more pictures to the current kittens' latest pics album - I wish I had time to do this more, but frankly being in the real world with them is far better than sitting at the computer downloading and uploading pictures and writing about them! They're ready to receive visitors now...