An examination of the place of the lute in 16th- and 17th-century English Society through a study of the English Lute Manuscripts of the so-called 'Golden Age', including a detailed catalogue of the sources.

Web publication by
Julia Craig-McFeely
Oxford, 2000

The whole book is over 800 pages long, so some appendices have been split into parts. Pictures and text are only available at 72 dpi to make the files as small as possible for download access, so will not print very well. If you would like a higher-resolution scan of any of the images, please contact the author with the page number and example reference.

ReadMe and Table of contents

List of
Addenda and Corrigenda notified since the dissertaion was written



1 -
The Lute

2 -
The English Lute Repertory

3 -
Manuscripts: types, characteristics and compilation

4 -
Lute scribes and handwriting

5 -
Dating lute manuscripts i: material evidence

6 -
Dating lute manuscripts ii: implied evidence

7 - Case studies: large file, given in two parts:
part 1 | part 2

8 -
The Signifying Serpent
Scanned images of paintings discussed in this chapter

List of tables and examples


1 - Inventories of English sources
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
2 - Inventories of Foreign sources
Part 1
Part 2
3 - Index of composers
4 -
Index of music titles
5 -
Dateable elements in titles of lute music
6 -
Duet and consort music in solo lute sources

A major part of this book was originally submitted to the University of Oxford in 1993 as a Doctoral thesis